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Polishing and fine adjustment :

From a forged or machined blank, using highly specialized specifications and drawings provided by customers, we make pre-forming and finishing operations by polishing.

We use polishing to remove defects and enhance the parts.
This activity is divided into different steps which are all specific operations.
The operations may vary in time from a few minutes to several hours with the same part.

Polishing in picture

In picture

Grinding, deburring

Grinding, deburring:

These operations are used for the pre-form and preparation of the part.
For more precision, we use milling.

Grinding, deburring


This pre-forming operation is more precise: the part geometry is preserved.


Buffing :

Buffing (or manual polishing) is the transition from the mat to the shiny state.

This delicate operation involves keeping the dimension the same and avoiding distortion.

To carry out these operations, we have a substantial machine park composed of 8 spinles, 9 workbenches, 40 grinders and 25 polishing machines.

Polishing tools:

Polishing tools

We also perform polishing on matrices or molds.
Then, the matrix is metrology ​​controlled to check if its dimensions and properties remain in conformity after the finishing operations.

Quality control – monitoring :

Quality control – monitoring

In order to monitor the manufacturing steps of each series of parts, each operator checks his work through the ten input terminals disposed in each workshop.
He is helped by the operation route sheets placed in each box of parts.


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