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Machining and Shotblasting

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Machining :

CNC machining center

The Chesneau Company can also perform machining operations with our 4 CNC machining centers.

We are able to process requests from the single part to mass production.

The business areas extend from aerospace to medical and watch making and jewellery.

All kind of machining 2D or 3D (Trimming, Lining, Machining way shelving, Chamfering ...)

SAS Chesneau Machines offer great working capacity (1200x700x600, HSC Pin, parts up to 2 tons ...)

Our company add a EROWA system and a "controlling pieces" probe on these machining centers


Each part is placed in a chamber where shots are projected at high speed in order to perform this surface treatment.

We recently bought 2 new shotblasting machins, the first has a turning support, second with a floor system.

We can create our own built-in assemblies, since its characteristics are of the order of 2.50m in diameter and capacity 4m³ and 2 Tonnes


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CHESNEAU Christian et Fils
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