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Our business sectors :

The main business fields we work in are :

Civil and military aviation :


We offer our customers our know-how in the polishing and metrology sur des pièces field on high tech parts: Aircraft engine components (Titanium alloys, special steels...)

We work on many GP7200 components, the engine that equips the Airbus A380.

SNECMA (SAFRAN Group) and Manoir Industries (Forges de Bologne) are our main customers in this business field, which represents about 85% of our turnovers.

Next, the engine
that equips the
Airbus A320 .

The following animation shows you some of the operations we perform on these engines.

Our customers send us mainly compressor parts or fan blades(photos).
Some arrive in raw state in our workshops, and after our interventions, they return to the customers, and go back for other operations. Others arrive in the final step of their process.

From a forged or machined pre-form, using highly specialized specifications and drawings provided by customers, we carry out pre-forming and finishing by polishing.

Medical :


We perform pre-forming, finishing and laser marking on prosthetics and medical tools.
(Each implant or instrument has its own instruction worksheet).
We also work for medical instrumentation.

LDR Medical, Greatbatch Medical and LISI Medical are some of our costumers in this field.

Energy :


ALSTOM, (indirectly) AREVA and Saint-Gobain
are our customers in this field.

Mechanical – Tooling – Car industry :


SIOBRA and SMAO are companies that trust us.

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